29 juni 2010

Gerry Johansson - Kåseberga, Sweden

Gerry Johansson are showing his photographs from Antarktis together with Ann Jansson´s ceramics at 912 Kåseberga.
Opening the 10th of July. Read more at www.kåseberga.se

8 juni 2010

Björn Keller - horses

Search the words Keller and horse at Link Image
and you will get 154 images from the world of horses, girls, training and riding.

Henrik Bonnevier - Orörda vatten/Untouhced waters

The 16th of June Henrik Bonnevier will travel to the north of Sweden for 100 days to document the untouched waters in the area of seven national parks and fifteen Sámi villages. The images from the trip will appear in a book about the project and an exhibition. And hopefully Henrik´s work will contribute to the discussion about development of watercourses in the northern Sweden.
More beautiful Bonnevier images from our beautiful North at Link Image

Follow Henrik Bonnevier´s project at his blog Orörda vatten

7 juni 2010

DA CAPO - at Kulturen i Lund

Photo: Lars Tunbjörk
The exhibition DA CAPO is showing images of daily life in Sweden, published in the magazine Dagens Arbete at the museum Kulturen in Lund, Skåne.
Participating photographers from Link Image is Pelle Kronestedt, Lars Tunbjörk and Hans Gedda. Read more about the exhibition at: Kulturen i Lund

2 juni 2010

Sandra Freij - The long walk

A film by Sandra Freij at the british fashion web magazine TESTMAG.
Magic, suface, air, mystery and FASHION!

Music by Lori Carson available at iTunes. Director Sandra Freij, Stylist Sarah Cobb, model Victoria Sekrier, make up Annabel Callum, set designer Sahara Widoff and production Chris Howgate.