30 mars 2010

Link Image proudly presents - Sandra Freij

After Living and working in London for several years, Sandra Freij now returns to Stockholm. With a background from Surrey Institute of Art and Design as well as School of Photography at the University of Gothenburg, she gives a whole new dimension to fashion photography. She has complete control of lightning and stage sets that give a cinematic feel and an almost mythic shimmer of what she creates. Images that tell a story outside of the imaging, and with a strong personal tone are unmistakable signs of works by Sandra Freij.

Examples of clients enjoying her work are among others: Dazed&Confused, Lula, BON and Another Magazine. She has also done assignments for Orla Kely, Marni, HM, Marimekko, Whistlers and many more.

Link Image is proud and delighted to represent a growing collection of her amazing work and hope that more people will discover her individuality and unique collection. More images from Sandra Freij are coming soon at Link Image

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